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Trabajo a Distancia y Desde el Hogar

Trabajar desde casa puede parecer una oportunidad dorada, pero implica responsabilidad y desafíos. A pesar de los horarios flexibles y la falta de desplazamiento, puede haber obstáculos en recibir retroalimentación y comunicarse con colegas. Este taller te ayudará a mantener la motivación y conexión con tu equipo desde tu 'oficina' en casa.
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Coaching and Mentoring

Inspire, empower, and cultivate excellence with our comprehensive Coaching and Mentoring course. This program is designed for professionals who aspire to develop their coaching and management skills, enhancing both their personal and professional growth.
New Program

Women in Leadership

With "Women in Leadership", we delve deep into the systemic and societal barriers that women often encounter on their path to leadership positions. We aim to foster an understanding of these obstacles, which range from unconscious bias to lack of representation and beyond
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English Language Program

Your input has guided us, and we're excited to introduce the commencement of a brand-new academic year for our General English Language Program, now open to learners throughout the Middle East. With a maximum of 6 students per group, we ensure optimal outcomes. Evening classes are thoughtfully scheduled to accommodate your busy routines. All online through Zoom! 
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Our Face-to-Face workshops are dedicated to individual professionals interested in their own development, but we welcome small company groups as well. If you are interested in bringing any of our workshop in-company, please fill in the form below. 

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