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Our Vision

At Lerniq, we envision a world where professional growth is accessible and affordable. We aim to become the learning partner of choice in the Middle East, extending a supportive hand to those striving for career advancement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer high-quality, cost-effective professional development courses and workshops that cater to individuals and organizations of all sizes. We strive to bridge the gaps in professional skills, providing a platform for consistent growth and learning.

About Us

Lerniq operates at the intersection of ambition and opportunity. We are a professional services provider specializing in the field of Learning & Development (L&D).

Our offerings range from online pre-recorded courses and live-online courses to face-to-face workshops, tailored to the unique needs of small to mid-sized companies, large corporations, and individual professionals.

Who We Serve

Our services are designed to support two main types of customers:
Organizations: From small and mid-sized companies that lack extensive L&D departments to large multinational corporations looking to outsource specific courses, we provide customized training solutions that align with their strategic goals.

Individual Professionals: We extend our services to ambitious professionals seeking to enhance their skills independently of their current organization's support or strategic direction.
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From the Middle East to the World

While our e-learning and live instructor-led courses are available globally, our in-person workshops primarily serve clients in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. However, we remain open to opportunities in other locations, wherever we are needed.

Our Unique Approach

We understand the challenges professionals face in their pursuit of growth – lack of consistency, insufficient support from leaders, and high costs of quality training.

Lerniq stands apart by offering the same quality of learning at more affordable costs, coupled with empathetic support that extends beyond mere course completion. We believe in holistic development, helping our learners grow into well-rounded professionals.

We are different because we offer:

State-of-the-art LMS

Our LMS offers robust reporting and analytics, allowing you to assess the impact of training on employee performance, gauge employee interactions and learning progress, offering a quick snapshot of training effectiveness. Paired with comprehensive assessments, our reporting capabilities provide a valuable tool for continuously refining training programs.

Multiple Avenues

Live sessions, group assignments, discussion forums, and gamification work together to create a vibrant learning community.

Social Learning

Social learning fosters collaboration, enabling employees to develop not only technical skills but also essential soft skills.

Enhancing Motivation

 Acknowledging the challenge of maintaining motivation in self-paced online learning, our LMS integrates social learning to make the process engaging.

Interactive Learning Tools

Our online programs are packed with engaging tools such as case studies, quizzes, polls, interactive videos and interactive materials designed to make skill enhancement and engaging process. 

Boost Employee Retention

Invest in your employees' career growth with our platform, and you'll gain the benefits of a proben strategy of enhancing job satisfaction and loyalty. 

Customizable Development Pathways

We understand that each organization has unique learning needs. Our expertise allows us to tailor course offerings to allign with your specific goals, strategy and industry requirements. 

Professional Development at a Fingertip


Learning and Development For Organizations

- Focused on your company's needs
- Faculty with extensive international, regional and cross-cultural experience
- Delivered with an international focus
- Available face-to-face across EMEA and online around the world
- Combining the best classroom and digital learning
- Access to a variety of e-Learning programs for all participants
- Practical, hands-on approach to learning
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Open Programs For Individual Professionals

- 100+ programs covering essential professional and leadership skills
- Available online or face-to-face across the EMEA region
- Our programs are created by L&D experts
- Faculty with extensive international and cross-cultural experience across industries
- International focus
- Practical, hands-on approach to learning

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