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Our best programs are now available in digital format
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Our online training programs

Highly interactive

Programs are especially created for an online audience.
Each module of the program includes modules presentations, case studies, games, quizzes, discussions, assessments, collaborative group work using online tools.


The length and structure can vary by program, and it is presented in each course description.
The programs are delivered in sessions of 90 minutes in one day or in sessions over more days/weeks. 


To maximize the learning experience, we keep the online groups relatively small.
We encourage our participants to reflect on their learning, to actively engage with the instructors, and to collaborate with the fellow learners. 

Content sharing

Our online training includes videos, handouts, course materials, presentation slides

Learner engagement

We boost engagement and knowledge retention with a variety of activities, case studies and real life situations.

Learner interaction

Our participants interact with the instructor and with other learners through polls, quizzes, real-time responses to create a fun and engaging experience.

Platform functions

We use breakout rooms to brainstorm ideas in teams; the learners can also ask questions or share links or files through the chat function.


Our training is accessible through any type of device - pc, laptop, tablet or phone. For a better experience we advice against studying on a phone. 


Each module includes a quiz to evaluate retention and get immediate feedback. 
open programs for individual professionals

Lerniq Live Online 

Lerniq Live

Live Workshops 2024

+ Programs are open to individuals or small corporate groups.
+ Dates are tentative. Changes will be communicated in advance.  
+ To enroll as an individual, go to the desired course page and proceed with the enrollment.

+ To enroll as a group, contact us at
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