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Manager Management

Fostering Excellence in Management

Price: 790 USD (2990 SAR)

Date: 22 April 2024
Time: 9.00 AM - 1.00 PM (KSA Time)
Place: Jeddah* (KSA)
(*the exact location will be communicated one week before the session)

Form of Instruction

Group Session
Instructor Led

Delivery Language


Session Duration

6 hours
9.00 - 11.00 Session 1
11.00-11.15 Break
11.15-13.00 Session 2
13.00-13.30 Break
13.30 - 15.00 Session 3
15.00 - 16.00 Networking


Certificate of Participation

Manager Management

This is a comprehensive development session designed to equip your managerial team with the necessary skills and knowledge to lead effectively. This course is an opportunity to enhance your leadership capabilities, foster a culture of continuous learning, and empower your team of managers to achieve remarkable results.

Course Content

1. Grooming a new manager;
2. Coaching and mentoring;
3. Measuring performance;
4. Motivating managers;
5. Signs of poor management;
6. Trust your team of managers;
7. Employee complaints about their managers;
8. When to intervene;
9. Other qualities. 

This program will help participants help you in the following ways...

• Welcome and orientate new managers;
• Learn ways to successfully coach and mentor;
• Learn ways to measure and evaluate performance; 
• Learn how to handle complications; 
• Communicate between employees and their managers

Who is the workshop for? 

Newly appointed managers seeking orientation and guidance;

Experienced managers looking to refine their leadership skills;

Business owners aiming to strengthen their management teams HR professionals tasked with managerial development;

Any professional transitioning into a managerial role.

What issues is it trying to tackle?

The complexities of management often pose significant challenges, including effectively coaching team members, evaluating performance objectively, navigating complications, and fostering open communication.

This session addresses these challenges head-on, providing practical strategies and insights to help managers thrive in their roles, inspire their teams, and contribute positively to the organizational success.

Why is attending this session beneficial?

Acquiring skills to welcome and orientate new managers;

Learning successful coaching and mentoring techniques;

Understanding how to measure and evaluate performance effectively;

Gaining strategies to handle workplace complications;

Boosting communication between employees and their managers

What skills will participants gain?

Ability to onboard and guide new managers effectively;

Skills to coach and mentor team members successfully;

Competency in measuring and evaluating team performance;

Strategies to navigate workplace complications;

Enhanced communication skills for better team interaction.

How to Enroll: 

1. Go to the "I Want to Enroll" Button: Start by clicking the "I Want to Enroll" button located at the top of the page.

2. Select Your Session: In the enrollment form, choose your preferred training session date from the list of available dates & locations.

3. Fill Out the Form: Enter your personal details, such as name, email address, and phone number (for WhatsApp messages), in the provided fields.

4. Submit Your Enrollment: After filling out the form, submit your enrollment request. Remember, each session is confirmed only when a minimum of 10 participants have enrolled.

5. Wait for Confirmation: You will receive an email once the minimum enrollment for your chosen session is reached. This email will include payment instructions.

6. Complete Your Payment: Follow the instructions in the confirmation email to make your payment, securing your spot in the training session.

7. Receive Session Details: After your payment is processed, you'll receive another email with all the necessary details for the training session, including its physical location and access instructions.

8. Stay Updated: Keep an eye on your email for any updates or important information regarding your selected training session.

9. Prepare for the Session
: As the date of the session nears, we will send a reminder email to ensure you are fully prepared for the training.

Other Formats Available

Self-Paced e-learning

This training is also available as a self-paced e-learning course, offering an interactive and engaging learning experience from the comfort of your own home or office.

Live Instructor Led Workshop

We also offer this training in an online instructor-led format as an open program, ideal for professional individuals seeking a more traditional and interactive learning experience.

In-Company On Demand

We can bring this enlightening workshop directly to your company, tailoring it to meet your specific needs. If you're interested in this bespoke learning experience, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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