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Constructive Criticism

Elevating Leadership Through Impactful Feedback

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Date: 21 May 2024
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Date: 22 August 2024
Time: 9.00 AM - 3.00 PM (UAE Time)
Place: Dubai* (UAE) 
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Session Duration

6 hours
9.00 - 11.00 Session 1
11.00-11.15 Break
11.15-13.00 Session 2
13.00-13.30 Break
13.30 - 15.00 Session 3
15.00 - 16.00 Networking


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Constructive Criticism

Navigating the delicate process of providing constructive criticism is essential for any leader aiming to foster a productive and positive workplace. This focused session dives deep into the nuances of delivering feedback that not only addresses issues but also promotes personal and professional growth.

Understanding the when, how, and where of constructive criticism is crucial in shaping a supportive and efficient work environment. By participating, you'll not only enhance your management skills but also demonstrate a commitment to the well-being and development of your team.

What Do Participants Learn in This Online
Constructive Criticism Workshop?

As a result of participating in this online delivering constructive criticism course, participants will be able to:

Understand when feedback should take place;
Learn how to prepare and plan to deliver constructive criticism;
Determine the appropriate atmosphere in which it should take place;
Identify the proper steps to be taken during the session;
Know how emotions and certain actions can negatively impact the effects of the session;
Recognize the importance of setting goals and the method used to set them;
Uncover the best techniques for following up with the employee after the session.

Constructive Criticism Workshop Content

When Should Feedback Occur;
Preparing and Planning;
Choosing a Time and Place;
During the Session;
Setting Goals;
Diffusing Anger or Negative Emotions;
What Not to Do;
After the Session.

Typical Attendees

Team leaders and managers seeking to improve their feedback skills

HR professionals aiming to foster a positive workplace culture

Supervisors responsible for employee performance and development

Organizational leaders keen on enhancing team dynamics

Professionals aspiring to take on leadership roles

Challenges Addressed

Navigating the complexities of delivering constructive feedback

Overcoming the discomfort associated with criticism

Balancing the need to address issues without demoralizing employees

Tailoring feedback to individual employee needs and situations

Ensuring feedback leads to positive changes and personal growth

Benefits of Attending

Develop skills in delivering effective and constructive feedback

Improve team morale and productivity through positive criticism

Enhance communication skills within your team

Foster a culture of continuous improvement and open communication

Build stronger relationships with employees through supportive feedback

Skills Gained

Mastery in identifying the right moments for feedback

Techniques for planning and preparing impactful criticism

Skills in creating an appropriate atmosphere for feedback sessions

Ability to manage emotions and actions during feedback delivery

Expertise in goal-setting and follow-up methods post-criticism

How to Enroll: 

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2. Select Your Session: In the enrollment form, choose your preferred training session date from the list of available dates & locations.

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4. Submit Your Enrollment: After filling out the form, submit your enrollment request. Remember, each session is confirmed only when a minimum of 10 participants have enrolled.

5. Wait for Confirmation: You will receive an email once the minimum enrollment for your chosen session is reached. This email will include payment instructions.

6. Complete Your Payment: Follow the instructions in the confirmation email to make your payment, securing your spot in the training session.

7. Receive Session Details: After your payment is processed, you'll receive another email with all the necessary details for the training session, including its physical location and access instructions.

8. Stay Updated: Keep an eye on your email for any updates or important information regarding your selected training session.

9. Prepare for the Session
: As the date of the session nears, we will send a reminder email to ensure you are fully prepared for the training.

Other Formats Available

Self-Paced e-learning

This training is also available as a self-paced e-learning course, offering an interactive and engaging learning experience from the comfort of your own home or office.

Live Instructor Led Workshop

We also offer this training in an online instructor-led format as an open program, ideal for professional individuals seeking a more traditional and interactive learning experience.

In-Company On Demand

We can bring this enlightening workshop directly to your company, tailoring it to meet your specific needs. If you're interested in this bespoke learning experience, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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