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Employee Termination

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Employee Termination

Having to fire an employee is never an easy task. Sometimes, despite attempts of open communication and encouraging performance, an employee will need to be terminated from the company. One of the hardest aspects of preparing to fire an employee is to separate the emotions from the facts.

Firing an employee should always be a last resort, so it is important that the manager has covered all other avenues possible before moving forward. With our Employee Termination course, you will begin to see how important it is to develop a core set of skills when you find yourself in a situation where they have to let an employee go.

What Do Participants Learn in This Online
Employee Termination Course?

As a result of participating in this online employee termination course, participants will be able to: 

  • Identify employees who should be terminated;
  • Establish effective termination meetings;
  • Know the Do’s and Don’ts of firing an employee;
  • Be able to conduct exit interviews.

Employee Termination Course Content

  1. Placing An Employee On A Performance Improvement Plan Before Firing
  2. Employees Who Should Be Terminated
  3. Things To Consider When Setting Up The Termination Meeting
  4. The Correct Way To Fire An Employee
  5. What An Employment Termination Checklist Should Contain
  6. The DOs And DON’Ts Of Firing And Employee
  7. Conduct  Effective Exit Interview

Other Formats Available

Live Online With Instructor

This training is also available as a live online with instructor session, offering an interactive and engaging learning experience from the comfort of your own home or office.


We also offer this training in a face-to-face format as an open program, ideal for professional individuals seeking a more traditional and interactive learning experience.

In-Company On Demand

We can bring this enlightening workshop directly to your company, tailoring it to meet your specific needs. If you're interested in this bespoke learning experience, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.