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Employee Recruitment

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Non-HR Leaders
New Managers
Anyone involved or interested in recruitment


10 Modules
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2 Hours

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Employee Recruitment

Hiring employees is a large investment. Our Employee Recruitment session will guide you and help you interview and recruit the right employee for your company.

Hiring a new employee is one of the largest investments you make in any business. Hiring the right employee is very important, as training can be expensive, and employee turnover costs companies millions every year. 

What will you learn?

As a result of participating in this online employee recruitment course, participants will be able to: 
  • Define recruitment;
  • Understand the selection process;
  • Recognise the grow model and how to set goals;
  • Prepare for the interview;
  • Question process;
  • Identify and avoid bias when making offers;
  • Discover ways to retain talent and measure growth.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Recruitment (what it is, challenges and trends, sourcing candidates, requirements);
  • Selection Process (job analysis and description, the approach, the recruitment interview,  testing);
  • Goal Setting (using the G.R.O.W. model, identifying goal areas, setting smart goals, using a productivity journal); 
  • The Interview (phone interviews, traditional interviews, situational interviews, stress interviews);
  • Types of Interview Questions (direct, non-direct, hypothetical or situational, behavioral descriptive);
  • Avoiding Bias in Your Selection (expectancy effect, primacy effect, obtaining bias information, stereotyping);
  • Background Check (preparation, data collection, illegal questions, being thorough without being pushy);
  • Making Your Offer (outlining the offer, negotiating techniques, dealing with difficult issues, sealing the deal);
  • Orientation and Retention (the orientation program, the checklist, following up);
  • Measuring the Results (cost breakdown, employee quality, recruiter effectiveness, fine-tuning).