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Conducting Annual Employee Reviews

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Conducting Annual Employee 
Reviews Session

An annual review can help you keep your employees happy, engaged, and focused. It is human nature to want to succeed. Giving your employees feedback on their positive and negative attributes is part of the pathway to success. A poorly designed annual review can have the reverse effect.

With our Conducting Annual Employee Reviews course, you will discover how to conduct a well-designed employee annual review. By determining the categories for an annual review and understanding how it affects employee compensation, an overall increase in performance should be seen throughout your organization.

What Do Participants Learn in This Online
Conducting Annual Employee Reviews Course?

As a result of participating in this online conducting annual employee reviews course, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the process of conducting an annual review;
  • Determine the categories for an annual review;
  • Know the mistakes managers make during an annual review;
  • Understand the concept of pay for performance;
  • Know how to tie employee compensation to firm-wide returns;
  • Know the value of employee communication. 

Course Content

  • How to Conduct Annual Reviews (develop the process, set benchmarks early, agreement with set benchmarks, hold an effective meeting);
  • Categories for Annual Review (company mission and values, customer service, problem-solving, production, work style, resource management, communication skills, teamwork);
  • Common Mistakes Managers Make when Conducting Annual Review (contrast effect, similar-to-me effect, halo effect. central tendency, leniency/desire to please, first impression bias, rater bias, recency effect); 
  • Successful Tips for Concept of Pay for Performance (no surprises, focus on the basics, show clear disparity);
  • How to Tie Employee Compensation to Firm-Wide Returns (set quarterly revenue target, set employee goal, conduct quarterly reviews, pay out quarterly);
  • How To Communicate Employee Expectations Effectively (have regular conversations, state what’s working, be honest, provide mentoring);
  • Meaningful Questions to Gauge Employee Happiness (ask questions frequently, management transparency, quality of facility, productivity, recognition, growth and advancement opportunities, confidence in leadership).
Your number one customers are your people. Look after employees first and then customers last.
Ian hutchinson

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