Effective Communication & Customer Service 

Case Study – Effective Communication and Customer Service

Client overview

The security department of a large organization in KSA has as main objective to maintain the safety and security of the entire community, functioning similarly to a local police force. Additionally, as gatekeepers of the community, they are the first point of interaction for anyone entering the community, making a positive impression crucial for the company's image. As safety and security guardians, they are often seen around the community at various events. 


The team struggled with professional communication skills vital for good customer service. Additionally, their role in community policing required skills in incident investigation, statement taking, and report writing, aiming for the consistent use of effective language and information gathering. English language proficiency was a significant barrier in certain instances, but at the same time very important due to the presence of international community. Moreover, shift work and limited manpower made traditional training methods impractical. 


The project started with a comprehensive needs analysis was conducted with the management team to understand the target outcomes. Consecutively needs assessment interviews with the participants were done to accurately diagnose their specific pain points. Based on the diagnosis, the customized solution was created and implemented, ensuring that the training program was precisely tailored to meet the unique needs of the security department and the organization.

To overcome these challenges, Lerniq implemented a multifaceted online training program, related to effective communication: 

Organized Development Sessions:
Modules containing face-to-face and online sessions were organized to accommodate the diverse needs and schedules of the security team. These sessions were designed to enhance English language skills, to improve professional communication skills and to enhance the cross-cultural communication so much needed within the community, in addition to the more specialized security-related modules.  

Recorded Live Sessions:
The sessions ensured that all staff, regardless of their shift, had access to each session, either live online or self-paced following each event.  

Interactive Tests and Quizzes:
Integrated into the LMS to engage the team and assess their progress regularly.
Self-Paced Study Material:
Additional resources were provided to allow staff to improve at their own pace, catering to different learning styles and language proficiency levels. 


This comprehensive training approach resulted in marked improvements in the security team's communication skills and their ability to handle incidents effectively. Progress was tracked through customer feedback and random surveys, which reflected higher satisfaction levels and an overall enhancement in service quality and professionalism. The flexible nature of the training ensured wide-reaching participation and skill development despite the challenges of shift work and diverse language abilities. 


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