Leadership Development Program 

Case Study: Information Technology Industry

Client overview

A growing IT company in KSA specializing in cybersecurity is characterized by its young employee base. As the company has grown organically, it is expecting to expand significantly, aiming to double or triple its headcount within the next 6-12 months. 


The company's rapid growth and young workforce bring a unique challenge. There's an urgent need for these young professionals, who are experts in their technical fields, to develop their management and leadership skills as they are expected to transition into leadership roles.  


This foundational development of ab-initio leaders addressed both theoretical and practical aspects of leadership. 

In addition to the formal controlled development, there was a need to support the application of the newly acquired knowledge. For this, it was implemented a coaching and mentorship program that included the participation of some of the more experienced leaders. The aim of the program was to 

(1) provide feedback on real work-related situations,  

(2) create a culture of continuous professional development and knowledge sharing,  

(3) create a pool of employees ready for leadership roles, to ensure the business succession planning. 

The development was conducted through a blend of e-learning and live online workshops, focusing on practical management skills, leadership development, and effective team management strategies.  

Following the initial development, Lerniq maintained permanent contact with participants (both trainees and mentors) monitoring their evolution on a bi-monthly basis.  

This approach encouraged leadership habit formation through reflection, self-evaluation, and senior and team feedback, ensuring the participants actively applied their learning in real-world scenarios, reflected on the outcomes and processed the feedback. 


Post-training, the ab-initio professionals demonstrated marked improvements in their management capabilities, contributing positively to the company's growth trajectory.  

Furthermore, Lerniq continues to provide ongoing support to the organization, conducting progress checks every six months. This long-term engagement ensures that the new managers keep refining their skills and adapting to evolving business needs, reinforcing the sustainable impact of the training program and the continuous professional development. 


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