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Trust Building and Resilience Development

Typical Audience

Leaders and Managers
Sr Management Staff


10 Modules
Available 24/7/365

e-Learning Duration

2 hrs


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Trust and Resilience

It's hard to create a trusting relationship with others, and it's even harder to maintain that trust when things get tough. Trust is the foundation of any strong relationship, personal or professional. But once that trust is broken, it can be incredibly difficult to rebuild. This e-learning session will give you the tools to help you build trust in your relationships, as well as resilience so you can bounce back from any challenge.

What Do Participants Learn in This Online 
Trust Building and Resilience Development Course

As a result of participating in this online trust building and resilience development course, participants will be able to:

  • Gain the trust of employees by empowering them;
  • Promote transparent communication;
  • Keep the promises made;
  • Identify different personality types and how to work with them;
  • Respect all those they work with;
  • Keep stress at bay;
  • Overcome adversities;
  • Accept and manage change;
  • Stay motivated.

Trust Building and Resilience Development Course Content

  1. Empower Staff (set expectations, accept input, delegate, supply resources);
  2. Transparent Communication (verbal, non-verbal, honest feedback, no gossip);
  3. Keep Promises (be organized, stay motivated, don’t overcommit and underdeliver, keep track);
  4. Personality Types (the leader, the analytical, the amiable, the expressive);
  5. Respect (position, opinion, time, strength/weaknesses);
  6. Stress Management (exercise, balanced diet, sleep, work under pressure);
  7. Develop Positive Relationships (get to know colleagues, manage boundaries, collaborate with others, show appreciation);
  8. Overcoming Adversities (recognize mistakes, fix mistakes, evaluate your improvements, avoid same mistakes in future);
  9. Change Acceptance/Management (change is constant, dealing with evolution, the other side, integrate the change);
  10. Stay Motivated (keep end goal in mind, be optimistic, like-minded people, and reward yourself).