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mLearning Essentials

Typical Participants

Professionals who are interested in learning on the go. Managers who want to implement mLearning in their teams.


10 Modules
Case Studies
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Certificate of Participation


1 hour

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mLearning Essentials

The use of technology is on the rise, so it’s no wonder that different methods of learning have emerged over the years. Recently, mLearning has become a new method for employees to learn and grow at work. With easy access, portability, and a variety of resources available, mLearning is the user favorite for fast and convenient training and education. 

What will you learn

As a result of participating in this online mLearning Essentials course, participants will be able to:

  • Know the meaning of mLearning;
  • Recognize different methods of mLearning;
  • Know the benefits/challenges of using mLearning;
  • Train other employees regarding mLearning;
  • Form an mLearning plan.

Course Content

  • What is mLearning? (uses, environments, tools, advantages);
  • Common mLearning devices (mobile phones, tablets, notebook computers, PDAs);
  • Ancillary Equipment in mLearning (internet connection, messaging services, video cameras, Bluetooth);
  • mLearning vs eLearning (devices available, informal vs formal structure, increased access, content);
  • The four Cs of mLearning (content, computer, capture, communicate);
  • Aspects of mLearning (the frame model, the device aspect, the social aspect);
  • Challenges of mLearning (dependence on technology, decreased quality of communication, security);
  • Benefits of mLearning (decreased costs, available support, unlimited resources. continuous learning);
  • Getting mLearning Started (organize resources, form a work plan, engage employees, establish an end goal;
  • Employee Training (training facilities, encourage communication, establish guidelines, equipment training).