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Millennial Onboarding

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Millennial Onboarding

Millennial Onboarding is a specialized type of employee onboarding. With Millennials we are seeing a need to tweak the onboarding process to better suit the needs of the company and new hires.

It will increase productivity and produce a happier and more skilled workforce. The new hire phase is a critical time for the employee and company and having a structured set of procedures will make this time run smoother and produce a greater chance of success.

What will you learn?

As a result of participating in this online social leadership course, participants will be able to:

  • Define onboarding;
  • Discuss the characteristics of Millennials;
  • Create an onboarding process for Millennials;
  • Develop action plans for working with Millennials;
  • Learn from introspection.

Course Content

  • Purpose of Onboarding (start-up costs, employee anxiety, employee turnover, realistic expectations);
  • Introduction (why onboarding, the importance of onboarding, making employees feel welcome, the first-day checklist);
  • Millennials and Onboarding (who Millennials are, why do they differ from other workers, informal rather than formal processes);
  • Onboarding Checklist (pre-arrival, arrival, first day, first week, first month);
  • Engaging the Millenial Employees (create an informal program, engage employees one on one, the role of human resources, the role of managers);
  • Following Up With The Millenial Employee (initial check-in, following-up, setting schedules, mentoring, and the Millennial);
  • Setting Expectations with the Millennial Employee (define requirements, identify opportunities for growth, set verbal expectations, put it in writing);
  • Mentoring the Millennial (be hands-on and involved, serial mentoring, be a mentor not an authority figure, focus millennia’s drive on work);
  • Assigning Work to the Millennial Employee (provide clear structure and guidelines, provide specific benchmarks, set boundaries and provide reality checks, guide - don’t dictate);
  • Providing Feedback (millennials thrive on feedback, characteristics of quality feedback, informal and formal feedback).
  • Employee loyalty begins with employer loyalty.
    Harvey Mackay