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Improving Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness is one of the crucial skills to master in order to be future ready. 

Being aware of your strengths and weaknesses will give you clarity on what you need to improve, change or work with.

If you can become aware of your self – your strengths and your weaknesses – then, you can become aware of the effects you create.
Only once you know your effects can you know how to change them, or even whether you should.
Implementing the guidelines in this module is the first step in a continual process of deepening your awareness of your self and the effects you create.
Becoming more effective can only deepen your rewards in both your professional and personal life

Typical Audience

Individual Contributors
Leaders and Managers
Senior Management

Format Available

Language of delivery: English
Length: 1-2 hrs


10 Modules
Situations, Case Studies, Quizzes
Learn at your own pace 24/7 (as long as you have a valid subscription)


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What will you learn in this online 
Improving Self-Awareness Program?

As a result of participating in this online
improving self-awareness course, participants will be able to:

  • Define the self and different aspects of the self;
  • Learn from introspection;
  • Understand the nature and value of emotions;
  • Appreciate themselves;
  • Appreciate others;
  • Improve effectiveness.

Improving Self-Awareness Course Content 

  • What Is Self? (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual);
  • Awareness of the Physical Self (scanning, progressive relaxation, physical stressors, exercise);
  • Time Management (organization, goal management, priorities, procrastination);
  • The Emotional Self (validity of emotions, the utility of emotions, emotional arousal, emotional valence);
  • Mood Management (emotional intelligence, categories of emotion, increasing arousal, decreasing arousal);
  • The Mental Self (thinking style, learning style, personality, stinking thinking);
  • Interpersonal Awareness (addressing different thinking styles, different learning styles, active listening, body language, transactional analysis);
  • The Spiritual Self (mindfulness, meditation, cultivating positivity, gratitude);
  • Limitations of Self Awareness (navel-gazing, excessive self-discipline, developing humility, developing empathy);
  • Independence versus Interdependence (what is interdependence, systems theory, more than the sum of all parts, team building).
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