Inclusion Live Session

  27 June 2023

Time: 6 PM -7 PM KSA Time

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Group session

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60 min
Date: 13.02.2023
6.00 PM - 7.00 PM AST*
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What is Inclusion? 

At an organizational level, inclusion refers to the degree to which employees feel accepted, valued, and supported, regardless of their background, identity or circumstance, and, as research (Shore, et al., 2011) formulate it, “the degree to which an employee perceives to be an esteemed member of the work group through experiencing treatment that satisfies their needs for belongingness and uniqueness.” Uniqueness “distinguishes the individual from any other person in the social context” (Brewer, 1991).

Without inclusion, the benefits of having a diverse workforce are canceled, as we strongly believe that it is inclusion that makes diversity special. 

What's included in this online course?

A step-by-step guide

Bianca's expertise will help you expand your knowledge in the realm of Diversity and Inclusion.

You will learn how to use it to make your employees take your company to the next level! 

Interactive Session

This is a live session. You will be able to interact with individuals from other organizations, share experiences, discuss issues and network! 

Unique learning experience

You will not learn by watching many hours of videos. This is friendly, interactive session in which everyone is invited to share their thoughts and to contribute with their experience.

Meet Your Instructor

Bianca Chio

Human Capital Development
Cultural Intelligence 
Human Resources Specialist
About me
Bianca has been a Learning and Development specialist since 2011. She has extensive experience in various training contexts around the world (South Korea, Thailand, Italy, USA and the Middle East). Her career developed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where in the last 8 years she has both trained and worked in various positions within HR. 
Throughout her career she has worked with individuals from over 100 countries. With an MA in International Relations, Bianca is a skilled international professional with great intercultural intelligence who now works as MENA Human Capital Development Manager for a UAE based company.