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Business English Writing for Arabic Speakers


Typical attendees

Arabic speaking professionals interested in improving their writing skills.

Free of charge

Course materials

Personalized feedback

Language of delivery


Level of English 

Upper Intermediate
Advanced (B1-C1) 


Private Live Session
4 x 1,5h Sessions


Certificate of Participation

Why this course
for Arabic Speakers?

The Arabic culture has traditionally been an oral communication culture. This means that the information is shared verbally. That makes our Arab friends some of the greatest conversation partners in the world. Having strong communication skills is great for work-related situations like relationship building, negotiation, presentations, etc.. 

These sessions are meant to raise awareness on the difference between the spoken and written registers in English. We generally advice everyone to avoid plastic formulas, and to find the right balance to convey the message in a natural but professional manner. 

What's included in this online course?

We give you the WHAT, but also the WHY and the HOW 
 in a modern, high-tech and almost personalized manner.
We're here to help you grow your skills and confidence so you develop as a professional and as a person. 

Understanding the WHY

Characteristics of the Arabic writer 
Comparison with other cultures

Writing in General

General rules to keep in mind when writing.
External structure of writing.

Professional Correspondence 

Use of functional language (requests, clarifications, information, etc)

Feedback and Action Plan

Each writing piece produced in these sessions will receive personalized feedback from their instructor.

Course Content

(This is a proposal. The content will be adapted to each individual's needs.)

Content: Session 1 - 2

Effective Writing Framework
Efficient Writing Process - planning and drafting
Reader Profile 
What not to do in Email Writing
What to do in Email Writing
Email Structure
External Structure (use of paragraphs, bullet points, numbering) 

Content: Session 3 - 4 

Internal Structure
Formal vs Informal Writing
Functional Language: Making Requests
Functional Language: Giving Information
Functional Language: Making and Changing Arrangements
Funtional Language: Advising and Suggesting

Course contents

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