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We live in a time when learning does not stop with our graduation from high school or university.

To stay employable in the current marketplace, an individual will go through a series of reskilling and upskilling as long as one remains active in the work field.

How adults learn is fundamentally different from how children learn. Therefore the instruction methods should differ to accommodate the adult learning style.
Top Features

What's included in this program?

Interactive materials

Interactive ebooks, assessments, certificates,  and much more.

Text material

Tools used by the world's top professionals. E-books, note-taking reflection journals and more.

Certificate awards

Boost your confidence, master the field, share your achievements on social media.

    30 Min 1-1 with a Specialist Trainer

At the end of your program. you will be able to have a live online personal session with an experienced corporate trainer specialist. 
You will be able to discuss your learning and you'll have the opportunity to ask questions related to your learning or get the clarifications needed. You can also discuss your future development opportunity or career plan. 
This session is optional, but we encourage you to attend it. 
Specialized series 

Adult Learning Series Sessions

This series walks you through the fundamentals of adult learning, from understanding how we learn as adults to how to measure the results from training.

Adult Learning Series
is a great start for anyone interested in pursuing a career as a trainer, instructor or facilitator.

We highly recommend these programs to all management staff with team development responsibilities.